Task 4.2: Black Sea Awareness & Outreach

Title Description
Educational Activities Educational activities focusing on the sustainable use of marine resources and marine environment protection addressed to primary and secondary school students (6-17 years old) of selected Black Sea countries
Online Training Platform Online courses and the procedures for facilitating the delivery of open online courses on topics related to the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan for a large variety of experts acting within some specialized organizations or as freelancers such as teachers, sailors, biologists, and other specialists will be developed using Online Training Platform. This action is a pioneer in the establishment of the MOOC – Massive Open Online Course on Blue Growth in the Black Sea Region. The online training platform has ensured many positive outcomes in different areas in terms of actualizing Black Sea CONNECT objectives in line with the Black Sea SRIA. In the implementation of the educational activities for addressing a broader view on the promotion of Blue Growth, the Black Sea CONNECT in collaboration with the BSUN IPS team, assessed different channels and approaches.
Hackathons (Active involvement for Problem Solving) Itinerant events around the Black Sea region in the form of small group camps for young students and researchers building Cooperative Problem-Solving Teams to address some very specific problems related to the Implementation Plan in different regions.
Black Sea Observatory on Blue Economy Black Sea Observatory on Blue Economy is dedicated to index open publications on the implementation of Plan-related topics in order to facilitate the exchange of scientific results via open science actions, internet-based gatherings of scientists, policymakers, and civil society to maximize the impact of science diplomacy in the region. This online-based observatory will both supply a platform for the circulation of scientific information and bring together different layers of society, ensuring that science is easily accessible to policymakers and the civilian population as well as scientists.
Science Fairs Events like European Researchers' Night and science festivals aiming to integrate/translate scientific information to a non-academic public.
Mobile Caravan By developing digital applications based on multimedia and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and their dissemination through the mobile caravan in the target areas, a large impact dissemination towards a large variety of population segments was obtained.
Gaming of Blue Economy in the Black Sea Black Sea CONNECT has engaged software companies to create a game with some simplified models on ecosystem services linked to blue growth principles, especially on scenarios related to human impacts such as fishing, energy, and tourism. In the first phase of game development, the https://bluejoy.bsun.org/ platform was established as a repository of existing games.
Art Fairs A series of art events, such as photo contest and/or film festival for engaging artists and the general public in expressing their views, concerns and relationship to the sea and its sustainability.
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