PETROLEUM - GAS UNIVERSITY OF PLOIESTI The university can organize courses in English, integrated in the Erasmus program based on a flexible schedule; they have a methodology for preparing the acceptance file and a study contract They sent the address with the number of vacancies (1 teacher, 2 lecturers, 197 heads of papers / lecturers, 2 assistants) and the employment procedure of Ukrainian citizens. 25 students They are treated like all foreign students.
ALEXANDRU IOAN CUZA UNIVERSITY OF IASI Details regarding the educational offer in English, in the "Studies" section, at the following link: https//www.uaic.ro/en/ Teachers can be hired according to law Accommodation can be offered to students who will be enrolled at Univ. A. I. Cuza Iasi within the available places. -
STEFAN CEL MARE UNIVERSITY OF SUCEAVA Romanian language courses for refugees are offered free of charge, and currently 40 refugees are enrolled There are employment opportunities for teachers and researchers with refugee status based on their participation in competitions organized by the university. For more details, those interested can contact us, presenting a CV and a presentation of their interest and experience. Free accommodation and meals for refugees are offered, within the limit of available places (approximately 100 places, most in rooms with 2 or 3 beds with private bathroom) Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava has a Ukrainian Refugee Aid and Counseling Center, located within the University's Astronomical Observatory, str. Universitatii no. 13, Suceava. We have opened a store with free products for refugees, open daily from 12 to 16.
VASILE TOPA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CLUJ NAPOCA Intensive Romanian language courses in Cluj Napoca and Baia Mare. Teachers can be hired according to the emergency ordinance no. 20 / 07.03.2022 and UTCN internal regulations. 200 beds and food from their own canteen. A minibus can also pick up refugees from the border to take them to the accommodation place. Students from Ukraine have the opportunity to be admitted to study in all programs (bachelor's, master's, doctorate and Romanian language preparatory year).
CRAIOVA UNIVERSITY Study programs offered in English or Romanian. Under the conditions provided by the laws of Romania. The available positions for this academic year have already been published. 50 accommodation places for refugees, within the available places. Daily meal
BUCHAREST ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STUDIES - - 30 rooms in the University Campus of Bucharest, the building of the Training Center in Covasna, (15 rooms, 2 apartments, Conference and lecture halls where additional accommodation, kitchen, laundry facilities can be arranged, with priority for the families of Ukrainian students . Humanitarian HUB for the collection of goods / medicines; The ASE Foundation has organized a fundraising campaign for those who want to financially support refugees.
IULIA HATIEGANU" UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY FROM CLUJ NAPOCA Detailed information can be found on the university website http://www.umfcluj.ro/informatii-ro/avizier-ro/item/7328-met_inv_ucr - The university has provided accommodation and meals through the Prefecture -
VASILE ALECSANDRI UNIVERSITY OF BACAU Refugee students from Ukraine can contact the Office of International Relations and Community Programs, the Secretary General of the University or the representatives of the Student League. The announcements regarding the filling of vacant teaching positions will be published soon on the website https://www.ub.ro , the "News and events" page. 100 accommodation places in dormitories C3 and C4 and meals at the University Restaurant. Means of communication for refugees, telephone carts, computers and internet are provided. Bessarabian students of the University, fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, volunteered in the refugee support process
GHEORGHE ASACHI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY IASI The university offers courses (bachelor's, master's, doctorate) in specializations in Romanian and English that take place within the university's curricula. According to the legislation in force until this date, the university can employ only EU citizens or those residing in Romania on the vacancies put up for competition. There is an accommodation availability of 120 places in the university dormitories, for refugees from Ukraine. There is a counseling center at the university, which can provide assistance to refugee students, and student leagues are also involved in assisting refugees housed on campus (shopping, translation, community integration).
BABEȘ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY OF CLUJ-NAPOCA Procedure for student mobility in the universities of Ukraine before taking care of the modalities before taking care of the university students in Ukraine is a continuous university study at UBB in the university year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Information about the procedure for gas can be https://www.ubbcluj.ro/ro/infoubb/ukraine/ Affected academics from Ukraine may request the support of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca in order to continue their academic activity in Romania, being able to access one of the following forms of teaching or research activity: associate professor, specialists with recognized scientific and professional value in the field, collaborating researcher. UBB has initiated cooperation with 6 regional emergency centers to make its resources available to refugees. Through these centers, UBB offers 498 places for refugees (including meals and accommodation) in 6 locations in Romania, provides support for the transport of refugees, including volunteers, 103 places in coaches and minibuses. Free course for learning the Romanian language, in partnership with Banca Transilvania. Entrance tickets to the UBB museums and to the "Alexandru Borza" Botanical Garden, the call for the identification of Ukrainian language speakers among UBB students and graduates; supporting large non-profit organizations - Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania - in identifying the resources needed to continue supporting refugees.
WEST UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA https://www.uvt.ro/ro/blog/wut-initiatives-ukraine/ https://www.uvt.ro/ro/blog/wut-initiatives-ukraine/ https://www.uvt.ro/ro/blog/wut-initiatives-ukraine/ https://www.uvt.ro/ro/blog/wut-initiatives-ukraine/
UNIVERSITY OF PETROSANI Ensuring participation in intensive Romanian language courses The university has allocated an independent accommodation space that has 40 studios of two places each, a dining line in the student restaurant, as well as permanent medical assistance in the student medical office. An initiative group was set up with volunteers from Russian and Ukrainian speaking students; a point has been set up for the collection of aid on the university campus, in which the student associations within the university are involved.

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