Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Trauma Informed Care assistance for the persons affected by Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The Person Centered Approach Institute (IACP) with the World Academy of Art and Science, the World University Consortium , the Department of Psychology of the University of Torino, the University for Sustainability, Santa Fe’, New Mexico, the Black Sea Universities Network, the Protect our Planet Movement and the Psychological Association of Ukraine have created a worldwide project to support, connect and assist all the professionals and public and private organizations operating in countries ravaged by violence and disasters that are in a way or another dealing with people, and in so doing, need to be trauma informed. WE decided to extend the free training and assistance to colleagues in the helping professions working in Turkey and Syrian with survivors of the earthquake.

Professionals working in their various roles in public or private organizations, whatever is their field of work with people, if they are unaware of the research findings and principles of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) can unwillingly cause the retraumatization of the trauma survivors. Professionals ignoring the principles and the practices of Trauma Informed Care are part of the problem that is generating staggering costs of suffering, disability, ill personal and social health, productivity loss and loss of prosperity; on the opposite, professionals aware of the importance of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) as one of their ethical imperative, will be part of the solution.

Applying Trauma Informed Care Best Practices professionals and organizations will save people unnecessary suffering, protect and promote Human Security, people and community health and well being and promote sustainability and prosperity for all.

The Trauma Informed Care Best Practice Project (TIC Project) will educate, train, support and empower for free all the different stakeholders operating in countries ravaged by violence and disasters: thanks to the knowledge, acquired, they will be better able to apply its principles in their area of work.

Part of the Trauma Informed Best Practices Project is a series of Trauma Informed Best Practices Free Post Graduate Courses designed by Alberto Zucconi and Prof. Luca Rollè ( University of Turin) and are offered to psychotherapists of different nationalities operating in war zones and in communities ravaged by violence, motivated to serve their people by becoming trainers of trainers. The Post Graduate Training Programmes are offered free of charge, by the Person Centered Approach Institute (IACP) and the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin in partnership with WAAS, WUC, the Black Sea Universities Network, The University for Sustainability, The World Sustainability Forum, the Protect our Planet Movement and the Ukrainian Psychological Association.

The TIC Project is welcoming enquires about partnership from public and private institutions and is welcoming donors. To donate the TIC Project: